■About entry form input
Please check the information below and enter your project information.
Please enter your application per project.
Deadline for submission:  23:00 PM, Wednesday,  June 16th,2021(JST) 

Application conditions are the works realized between 1st May, 2020 and 30th April, 2021.

*The works realized between 1st May, 2019 and 30th April, 2020, which were unable to be applied due to COVID-19, are eligible to be applied.


*The language used is English-only.
*You cannot make any changes after your project is posted. Please confirm the input contents and apply.

We will send you an application completion email to the registered email address after entry.
E-mail using mobile phone is not recommended because it might be possible to have a limit of characters and send/receive errors.

[If you think you have not received the confirmation email]
・Did you fill in your correct email address?
・Is it not treated as spam?

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■About payment
After inputting into this form, the confirmation screen of the input contents will appear.
Please confirm your application details and proceed to the screen for entering your credit card information.
*When applying, be sure to prepare your credit card and post your project.
*Available credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, JCB

Applicant Information

- Please enter an e-mail address we can contact about your works.
- It doesn’t have to be an e-mail address of the representative (applicant).
Please re-enter your email address.

Project Information

* Please enter the place name, not the facility name.
*Up to 15 words in a specific content

Application Category

Sustainable Space of the Year is a new award starting from this year and works of any categories can be applied. If you wish to apply for the Sustainable Space of the Year, please tick “Apply” and if you don’t, please tick “Don’t apply”.
Upon application to the Sustainable Space of the Year, please use the image file below and description of work, and give your opinions such as new thoughts considering of Sustainable Space of the Year, brilliant and innovative idea and explanation on creating a safe environment.
*Please refer to “Work application” in the official website for the details of Sustainable Space of the Year.

Application Material

Image file such as photo, sketch, conceptual drawing, drawing, concept
Landscape/Portrait in bitmap file format such as jpeg and png (Long side: Within 1000px)
Each file should be within 1MB.
*5 images can be applied for each work.
*Please be warned not write a name of applicant or company etc. on image files, otherwise it will be regarded as ineligible and will not be screened.
*Please use more than 18 points font size if writing letters on images.
If you would like to apply for supplemental videos, please check the "Yes".
- Data within 15MB: Please post in web form.(Acceptable format is mp4 only)
- Data over 15MB: Please write your application ID and title of your work on DVD-R, and send it to the address below.
- Your video must be within one minute.
- Please don't mention the designer's name or the design company's name on your
video. In that case, you will not be eligible to be judged.
- Regarding submission of video, photo slideshow is not accepted. Only works which
need expression by video will be accepted.

Photo credit

Please select and enter your role and job type
Other (Fill in)
Other (Fill in)
Other (Fill in)
Other (Fill in)
Other (Fill in)
Enter only if the photographer is a externally-hired photographer. In addition, if each photo is taken by a different photographer, please clarify. (just the name of company will suffice)


Please confirm the points below upon application:

1.In principle, any modification of the contents of submitted data will not be accepted after completion of application.

2.The right will be revoked even after screening in case if any problem occurs such as finding plagiarism or copy of work after awarding.

3.Applicants needs to avoid duplicate application of the same work by obtaining permission from people concerned before application, especially when involved in a project of commercial complex.

4.In principle, the presentation boards (Panels) submitted for the third screening will not be returned.

5.Fair screening is carried out with respect for applicants, on the premise that works are applied with every permission needed for application



Applicants need to obtain permission from people concerned prior to application.

1.Management and procedures of copyright, right to use photos, publishing rights, industrial property right, associated with the entry need to be performed by applicants in advance at their own risk. Please understand that without performing such management or procedures, even award-winning works cannot be published in Annual book. Please make an application after settling a matter regarding the right to use photos between an applicant and a photographer.

2.Although copyright of entry such as photos is reserved by a copyright owner, all the documents will be presented in “Annual of Spatial Design in Japan 2022” (Both conventional print and digital media), other publications and exhibitions. The right to make image data available in DVD will be granted to a host group, Publication Committee of Annual book and Rikuyosha Co., Ltd. Failure to obtain permission may result in forfeiture of the award. In addition, no indication of a copyright holder in the field of photographer is regarded as unnecessary to indicate the name of a copyright holder.


[Payment of entry fee by credit card]

We adopt credit card payment service which Omise Japan operates for this contest. The credit card information entered is directly sent to and saved by the payment service agency. Therefore, the credit card information of applicants is not saved to the server of either the host of this contest or the administrative office, JDN Inc.



[Private Policy]
The personal information you register is used to communicate and inform applicants in the design award held by Japan Design Space Association (DSA) and Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association (JCD). The personal information you register will not be disclosed or transferred to third parties other than DSA, JCD, and JDN Inc..
In addition, we may send information such as direct mail about events, seminars and awards held by DSA and JCD. For inquiries, please contact the secretariat listed in the application guidelines.

For other personal information, please refer to the “Privacy Policy” of the organizer and the implementation partner.

DSA Privacy Policy
JCD Privacy Policy
JDN Inc. Privacy Policy

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